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Caseyville, Kentucky Pages

This is the start page. It has all my page links on it. To go to a page just click on the big botton on the left for that page. The smaller green buttons are for other links on the history of Kentucky's role in the Civil War and other history links on this area.

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...Caseyville Kentucky 1894 Business References


883 Page Links to Kentucky Civil War History. (This is a KET.ORG. Search Page on Civil War In Kentucky)

...Overview of Kentucky's role in the Civil War



1895 U. S. Atlas for Kentucky state map(large map)1895 Kentucky county maps On this page to see population of a county in Kentucky page down and click on letter in box for that county

CASEY's of Caseyville , on this page click on Peter Casey Sr. , Nicholas Casey, Samuel Casey, These Casey are i belive to be the Casey's that started Caseyville , Kentucky.